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   Wujin Changwu Stating Motor Factory finds its location at Changzhou of Jiangsu Province

in China’s well-developed economic Yangtze river delta area. It is twenty-odd years old, mainly producing two big cathegories and forty-three specifications of starting motor and generator products(including magne to

starter and generator) and annual production of which being over 500,000 sets. It also produce various   starter’s and generator’s parts meant for the set-matching of various autocar motor products, both foreign and Chinese. This factory enjoys good fame among in the same trade, having set-matched for China’s Luoyang No.One Tractor Manufacturer and a dozen or so of diesel factories, farm-use vehicle factory and tractor factories with its manufactured starter and generator’s stator armature and axle parts selling well in world market.This factory has strong technical force bye having engaged 33 residential senior engineers and professors to go in for research study and development.The factory has its subordinated enterprise of Wujin City Space Technology Application Institute to go in for explorative research study.The factory has also its subordinated enterprise of Wujin Machine Tools & Electric Appliances Factory which produces annually more than one million sets of pipe couplings and all kinds of metal flexibles and high-pressure oil pipes.



Changzhou Tianfa Power Assengly Manufacture Co.,Ltd

 Jiangsu Changwu Stating Motor Co.,Ltd
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